Lithographs & Inuit Art

Dance of the  Northern Sky$1,400.00 Sold Out  1981 The Boy and the Eagle-Ltd. Ed. 100-Value $1400-Sold outHow Cormorant Lost His Voice-Ltd. Ed. 100-Value $1400 sold outThe Great Escape-Ltd. Ed. 100-Value $1400 Sold OutThe Woman Who Dwells at the Head of the River -$2,075.00 Sold He Who Became Caribou-$1,175.00The Woman Who Dwells at the Head of the River State 2-.$975.00 Dance of the Oomialik- 10 AP-Value $1750 Eagle Dance--AP $1,750.00- Edition Sold OutFish Camp - AP $925-$ Edition price $725.00Fire Hawk State 2- Ltd. Ed. 30-$595Return of the Salmon -Ltd. Ed. 125-20 AP-$1,875.00 Sold OutFire Hawk State I- Ltd. Ed. 100-$1,975.00 Sold OutRaven & the Sun -$1475- AP-$1,675.00Legend of the Sea Otter Girl-$1975 Hunters Magic-$1,175.00 Eagle Dance- Large-$1625-Small $475The Annunciation-Ltd. Ed. 240-$425