Sculpture Portfolio: Bears, Beavers, Wolves & Foxes & Cats. 

Arctic Shadow- Ltd. Ed. 12-$29500Taku--$2795Shelter Cove-Polar bear family-Monument size-Price $29500Ringo,  $1995 Double Trouble--$4850Snickers-   $1995Rambling Rose-- $6975 Large sizeCatch of the Day, grizzly with fish $2145Rosebud-12Putts--$775Purdy-$775Terrible Twos--$1595Shelter Cove- (Model)-$1375-Arctic Summer-Polar Bear -Price $4750Jake--$1150Basic Training. beaver family $1795Tangerine-$1995Mom and Kits-$6375Nip and Tuck, two playing red fox-$3950 for the setNip, red fox $2075Tuck, strolling red fox $2075Adam and Eve-red foxx-$1795Midnight Shadow, wolf $3795Misty-$410Amahok the Hunter-$24500Blackjack-horse-$2350 with stone base $2575