Sculpture Portfolio: Birds, Fish & Frogs

Contact info: Rider of the Arctic Wind, Snowy owl  $3375Many Winters, bald eagle bust. Price $2975Finders Keepers - $4,435.00Morning Has Broken-swans-$11750 Ode to Joy-$3795Little Mister Bigshot, horned puffin $3475Sitting Pretty-$2495Chilkat Majesty-Call for current priceWillow-$1395Pierre-$1595Zu Zu-$1395Maestro-adult penguin- $2350 and Peep, chick- $1375 shown as a set Riding High$1175La Belle-$775Little Hunter-Short eared owl-Price $2795Wind Rover-$1750Home Free-$1595.The Escort-$3610Silent Sentry-silver-$10500Fatal Temptation, salmon, $3895Copper River reds, salmon, $1275The Challenger, salmon, $4375-Rainbow Rising-Swimming Trout $3995Shadow Play, Swimming halibut-$1795Lily's Pad, frog, $1850-Conspiracy, two frogs, $1175Fergie, frog, $410-Odd Couple, fish.  $1275