Sold out editions

Alaskan Banquet, Ltd. Ed. 38- Value $17500.-Sold Out-24" T x 25" LArctic Circle, Polar bear-Ltd Ed 25-$22,500-Sold out-24" T X 25" LBon Appetite-Ltd. Ed. 38-Value $9-Sold Out-10" T x 19" LBoo boo- Ltd. Ed.65-Value $2250-Sold Out- 7.24" T x 9.5" LBruno-Ltd. Ed.100- Value $5750-Sold out- 9.5" T x 15" L x 8" DCatch Up Kid-Ltd. Ed. 150-Value $1875-Sold Out-4.5" T x 10" LDenali Spring-Ltd. Ed. 50-Value $9750-Sold Out- 17" T x 16.75" LDrifting Snow- Ltd. Ed. 95-Value $4150-Sold Out-7.75" T x 15" LGentle Persuasion-Ltd. Ed. 150-Value $2650- Sold Out- 6.5" T x 13" LJacquzzi- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $12500-Sold out-14" T x 19.5" LKing of the Hill-Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $1675-Sold OutLonely Hunter-Ltd. Ed. 50-Value $10750-Sold Out- 12" T x 22" L- Rowdy,  (model) Ltd. Ed. 150- Value $2475-Sold Out-6" T x 9.75" LRough and Tumble-Ltd. Ed. 30-Value $8500-Sold Out-19" LSushi Fanatic-Ltd. 100-Sold out- $3475- 7"T X 6 3/4" D X 12" LSpook, Grizzly-Ltd. Ed. 75- Value $9950-Sold OutSweet and Sassy-Ltd. Ed.75-Value $3750-Sold Out-9.5" T x 11" LTender Moments-Ltd. Ed. 150-Value $2475-Sold Out-7.5" T x 6.5" L Whats Up-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $3975-Sold Out-13" T x 12" L x 6" DWinter Ghost, Ltd. Ed. 65-Value $1985-Sold Out-7.5" T x 11" L The Aristocrats-Ltd. Ed.40-Value $1950  Sold OutAutumn Flight-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $1950   Sold OutBorn of the High Wind-Ltd. Ed. 25-Value $2250-Sold outChilkat Majesty-Ltd. Ed. 38 -Value $10500-Sold OutHigh Dive-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $2175=Sold outNight Shadow-Ltd. Ed.75-$1850-Sold outPeace- Ltd. Ed. 65 -Value $1825-Sold OutShowtime-Ltd. Ed. 100- Value $4375-Sold Out Silent Sentry- Ltd. Ed. 6-Bronze -Value $1995-Sold OutSitka Song-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $4375-Sold OutWild Wings-Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $10500-Sold outActive Pass-Ltd. Ed. 95-Value $3750-Sold OutFishermans Dream-Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $1995-Sold OutRelentless Journey- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $10500-Sold OutShiny Bubbles-Ltd. Ed. 65-Value $2475-Sold OutWild River Challenge-Ltd. Ed. 95-Value $2175-Sold OutAlfonzo-Ltd. Ed. 25-Value $975- Sold OutEasy Street-Ltd. Ed. 250-Value $975-Sold OutNunivak Islanders-Ltd. Ed. 25-Value $1995-Sold OutOomingmak-Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $2975Full House-Ltd. Ed. 100-Value $3975-Sold OutJasper- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $9500-Sold OutLittle Gourmet-Ltd. Ed. 25-Value $3975-Sold OutLunch Bunch- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $3975-Sold OutPrince William- Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $11500-Sold OutRiver magic- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $4475-Sold OutSchools Out-Ltd. Ed. 50-Value $4175-Sold OutSleepytime-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $2975-Sold outSpring Fever model-Ltd. Ed.250-Value $775-Sold OutSpring Fever (Lrg-Ltd. Ed.38-Value $14500-Sold OutSurfs Up- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $1995-Sold outSurprise Attack- Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $3975- Sold OutGift of Life-Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $10,500-Sold outThe Great Whirley Spin, children $3975-SoldoutJust Rewards, girl & apple $1450-sold outPick of the Litter-Ltd. Ed. 150-Value $1450-Sold outPuppy Love, boy & dog, $2175-sold outReflections, mother & child Value $14500-sold outSharing the Joys of Spring, family $2750-sold outSwan lake- Ltd. Ed. - Value $31500.- Sold outSweet Success, boy with fish, $2150-Sold OutTall Tales-Ltd. Ed. 75-$2375-sold outGotcha-Ltd.Ed. 40-Value $3750-Sold OutLadies of Leisure-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $1675-Sold outDon't Play with Your Food-Ltd. Ed. 38-Value $4500-Sold OutHarem Master-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $1750-Sold OutMagic Moments-Ltd. Ed. 65-Value $3475-Sold OutBlind Man and the Loon, Current value $17500.Bull Protector-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $1875-Sold OutPlayful Duo-Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $1875-Sold OutOn The Prowl, wolf Ed.50 $17500-Sold OutRacing in the Footsteps of a Legend--sold outFIRE HAWK, bas relief $16500King of the Mountain-Mountain goat-$2575Siam-Horse-$1575 Edition closed- sold out