A selection of paintings, prints of various subjects such as wildlife-birds insects butterflies and Inuit art from Alaskan artist Jacques and Mary Regat

Thundering Hooves, Price $1275Wolf Dancer (facing Right) Kayak Hunter Chasing Caribou,Wolf Dancer (facing Left)Caribou Racing to Right, Hunter with Bow, Caribou Racing To Left,Hunter Chasing CaribouWolf Chasing Caribou,Pregnant Caribou with calfThundering Drums -4 Drummers Shaman Communing with Caribou SpiritEagle Mother Spirit with wolves-$175Caribou Ghost Herd, Eagle With Captured Hunter, Hunter Empowered with the eagle spirit feathers, Drummer in a Frozen Land, Dancing Hunter with Drummers, Size: 11The Gentleman and his Lady, Slim Pickings-Tufted puffins, Angel of God, Morning Light,Small Talk-Horned puffins,The King Catcher, Party Time, Horned puffin, Who Done It-owls, Updraft-Monarch butterfly,Hope Rising-Four monarch butterfliesRock a By BabyRefuge, Price $1875Mother's Day Parade, Price $1575After the Storm, Price $675You Are my Sunshine, Price $475Any Luck Yet?, Price $975Solstice-Just Before Midnight , price $975Thunder in the Mist, Price $1875Mary Did You Know, Price $1875Spring Rush, Price $1575Spring Rush (study in red orange) Price $1075Lend A Helping Hand-oil painting- $1275Alaskan Woman, Price $1575