Sculpture Portfolio: Bears, Beavers, Wolves & Foxes & Cats, & bunnies. 

Arctic Shadow, Price $41250Shelter Cove, Price $41250Taku, Price $3165Shelter Cove, Price 8Arctic Summer, Price $5365Harry the Hoarder, price $5365Hungry Harry Price $2,510Ringo, Price $2395Double Trouble, Price$5335Snickers, Price $2395Rambling Rose, Price $7675Rosebud, Price $2835Catch of the Day, Price $2475Putts, Price $855Purdy, Price$855Rock of Ages $5035Terrible Twos, Price $2065Jake, Price $1375Basic Training, Price $2065Tangerine, Price $2285Mom and Kits, Price $7015Nip and Tuck, Price $4690 for the setNip lifesize $15950  Tuck lifesize $16225Nip, Price $2395 with stone base $2525Tuck, Price $2395Midnight Shadow, Price $4175Adam and Eve, Price $2085Amahok the Hunter, Price $30250Misty, Price $410