Shown here are the birds that inhabit the skies and make their homes in Alaska (exception the penguin) along with the fish and frogs that fill our lakes and rivers.

Morning Has Broken, Price $11750 Ode to Joy, Price $3795Little Mister Bigshot, Price $3475Rider of the Arctic Wind, Price $3375La Belle, Price $775Many Winters, Price $2975Finders Keepers, Price $4,435.00Sitting Pretty, Price $2495Chilkat Majesty-Call for current priceWillow, Price $1395Pierre, Price $1595Zu Zu, Price $1395Maestro, Price $2350 with  Peep, chick, Price $1375 shown as a set Riding High, Price $1175Little Hunter-Short eared owl-Price $2795Wind Rover, Price $1750Home Free, Price $1595.The Escort, Price $3610Silent Sentry, Price $10500Fatal Temptation, Price $3895Copper River reds, Price $1275The Challenger, Price $4375-Rainbow Rising, Price $3995Shadow Play, Price $1795Lily's Pad, Price $1850-Conspiracy, Price $1175Fergie, Price $410-Odd Couple, Price $1275